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We invite you to come in and "shoot some stick" on really great equipment including two 10 foot pool tables, 11 standard 9 foot pool tables, a 12 foot snooker table, and a billiard (carom) table. Whether it's John Coltrane or John Lee Hooker, The Two Cushion Club has the great sound of jazz and blues to match the speak easy decor. We also feature full retail including tables, cues, accessories, and repairs. And don't forget to register online with us to receive news about free drawings, new tournaments, retail specials and more.


Recent News

48 Hour Film Project Selects Two Cushion Club

Local Film Maker Joseph Sumbi has selected Two Cushion Club on North Texas St. in Fairfield, CA as the prime location for his entry in The 48 Hour Film Project/San Francisco. Sumbi described Two Cushion Club as "the most unique location in Solano County."

On May 31st his team will be given the theme for this year's project. Two Cushion Club will be ready to go in the event the theme is any kind of a fit for this year's contest.

The film team actually has 48 hours to create the film from the time they receive the theme. This highly creative process gives independent film makers like Sumbi the opportunity to demonstrate their skill in a highly extemporaneous frame work.

For more information regarding this feel free to contact Tony Annigoni at Two Cushion Club, 831-277-0216 or email

$4 per player per hour.

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Closed to the public all day. Private lessons and retail consultations
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1pm to Midnight

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